Are we thinking…

Barack Obama’s campaign is structured around the arguments that it is time for Americans to stop allowing fear to guide them and to start thinking about…things. He is in the upper tier of my generation, which has been a notoriously difficult generation to categorize. I can’t help but wonder, is my generation the generation of “thinkers”? I don’t mean to imply that my generation, as a whole, actually thinks more reasonably than previous generations. I am asking something more like, Is ‘thinking’ our buzzword? Have we jumped on the ‘stop fearing – start thinking’ bandwagon without a firm understanding of what that means nor how to do it?

Think: to exercise the powers of judgment, conception, or inference. merriam-webster

The internet was made available to the masses when my generation was in their teens/early 20’s, and we did not have internet games. We had encyclopedias and online references. We had a world of knowledge open to us, without instruction on how to parse all of that data, and pull out the strongest pieces. We were inundated with information to think about, without any guidance as to what ‘thinking’ is. And now, it’s the basis of a presidential campaign.

Are we the generation of thinkers who do not know how to think?


~ by aikaterine on July 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Are we thinking…”

  1. Are we sluts?

  2. Wow, it does have a SATC ring, doesn’t it? I guess the marathon has affected me.

  3. You guys make me “fucking” laugh. I have to go back to the magic number 255 post/comment section that we got into way back and review that because…

    Are we sluts? Well, I am. Or can be. I have that…”side…” you know?” *says in breathy voice*

    Bloody “thinking.” I’m sorry, I have to “think” about what that word even means! Can you say (slutty)broad context?

    I don’t know Obama from Shinola as I’m way up North(eh?) And yes, that whole concept is completely, way, stupidly interpreted contextually; even completely. We’re not running around saying it with every sentence.

    But I digress…

    I didn’t know that was his “tagline” or whatever. If so, I “think” it says more about the citizens of the U.S. and his (then) hopeful constituents–not our generation (not to be dismissive of your post–I do understand it.) I “think.”

    I may be a total slut but I’m not a stupid one. At least I don’t “think” so.

    By Obama saying (or implying?) that people are fearful and they have to “think?” Well, to me and maybe my deaf, slutty ears, it sounds like he’s saying they are not “thinking” and therefore are a bunch of stupid sheep being led around by their fear?

    Gee, Obama…that’s nice. However, maybe his voters are stupid enough to fall for it. I don’t know, that’s just what I “think.”


    Love Ewe,
    Slutty PA

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