Answering the call…


Question: Since most of the blogs you’ll encounter while surfing the Random Button have no readers and no comments, how long from when you started blogging did it take to get a comment? In my case it was roughly four days.

I started blogging on July 9 and my first comment, from Gabriel, was on July 10. I do miss the blogging, I should start doing it more often again.

The Random Blogging Challenge: pick a number between three and ten, click the Random button that many times and leave the link you end up on here with a brief description of what the blog is about.

7 clicks got me to…

Fr. Ted’s Blog

Fr. Ted Bobosh, apart from having what is probably the cutest little name I have ever seen, is a priest. He has published 12 books and was an adjunct professor at the University of Dayton, Religious Studies Department. His current post outlines his opinion that “freedom of religion…[is] a freedom and priviledge granted not by the government, nor even by the democratic vote of the people, but by the gift of conscience granted to each of us by our Creator.”

So, there we have it. I like the randomizer thingy, I think I will use it again.


~ by aikaterine on July 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Answering the call…”

  1. Good to see you again Aikaterine. I too hope you start blogging again. Also, you have left some very intelligence comments on my blog and I miss that too! That sounds very selfish doesn’t it!

  2. Nita –

    Your blog, more than any other, seems to spark intelligent debate. Although I have not commented in a while, I do read it.

  3. Thanks for your comment and for reading my blog. Maybe the random button works in the same way that people in the movie CRASH ran into each other: their lives were interconnected even though they didn’t know it.

  4. Fr. Ted,

    Life is funny that way. Thanks for stopping by.

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