memes, memes, memes…

I am too tired to think of anything; so I will do the memes. This one is complements of darkentries.

Five Things Found In My Bag

  1. Lipstick – MAC Viva Glam V or Myth
  2. Sunglasses
  3. My wallet (sans credit cards – unless I can convince M to hand them over)
  4. Amphetamines and Antihistamines (I’m an ‘A’ girl)
  5. Keys, for…things, I keep forgetting why I have them

Five Things Found In My Room

My boudoir? Well…

  1. A gorgeous red lantern that is waiting to be hung inside the bed canopy, M, are you reading this?
  2. Soft furry pillows
  3. A dressing table that holds all my girly secrets
  4. M, who is usually interfering with my lazy strumpet quest
  5. Spiders, they are all over the place here.

Five Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

Always, well that is hard, I usually do what I want to do. So, there is not really an ‘always’. You are going to have to settle for ‘Five things I want to do’.

  1. Have my daughter here
  2. Make love in the rain on a hill behind my house
  3. Take M to Greece and Texas
  4. Meet some of the other bloggers
  5. Finish – Start my PhD

Five Things I Am Into Right Now

Well, I am always into my family (including M). So, apart from that:

  1. Rest
  2. Laughing
  3. Rhythmic Noises
  4. Letting go
  5. Feeling

Everyone else has done this one.


~ by aikaterine on June 7, 2008.

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