On the NHS…

As many of you know I have moved to jolly old England – technically Wales (or is it technically England?) – I don’t know, but the whole Wales vs. England thing is big here… Where was I? Oh, the NHS.

Starting over, I thought I would add my two cents into the whole mental health experience now that I am ‘in the system’. Getting the Lamictal was easy enough. The amphetimines for ADD is another story all together. Even with medical records and backup coming out of my ears, NHS does not like prescribing amphetimines (in thier case dexamphetimines) for ADD. I am in a battle with them now, and considering going private. I have heard that the system in my area is a little more accessible because the county is small.

All in all the system is better than the system in the good old U.S. of A. For me, personally, the U.S. system was easier because I could afford to pay for it. But I am more than willing to give up a bit of that ‘ease’ in order to participate in a universal healthcare system.

In fact, one of the things I have noticed is that people are more peaceful here. And I cannot help but wonder if the fact that they do not have to seriously worry about feeding their families or getting decent healthcare has something to do with it.


~ by aikaterine on December 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “On the NHS…”

  1. Good to hear you are happy Aikaterine.

  2. Nita-

    Thank you, I am definately more peaceful here. I need to get over to your page and see how things are going in your neck of the woods.

  3. As an American, I have to say, that sounds about right. People here constantly struggle here to put “food on their family” (to paraphrase a famous simpering idiot). That’s probably why we have so many mass shootings. People just snap.

    As a psychiatric nurse, I would point out that Lamictal is an anticonvulsant that probably works by releasing the neurotransmitter GABA. If that is the case, amphetamines would likely render lamictal useless. The two medicines would cancel each other out.

  4. Thanks for stopping by.

    There will always be a part of me with a soft spot for the U.S.A.. There are a lot of great things about our country. But the way we treat the poorest among us is not one of them.

    This whole bipolar co-morbid ADD thing is a bit of a pharmacutical nightmare. I am aware that Lamictal is an anticonvulsant, but I do not know the exact method it uses. The Adderall/Lamical combination has worked for me. The Lamictal dosage is fairly low, so that might have something to do with it. I have been looking at alternatives to Adderall and dexamphetamine (like Ma Huang or Sida Cordofilia) but they make me feel jumpier than the Adderall.

    It’s a mess right now really, but I am hoping that it gets sorted.

  5. Hey you, I’ve been waaaay out of the picture for a long time but getting back. Like tonight? Good to see that you’re back too.

    I’m just going to throw my two (unprofessional) cents into the med conversation. And granted, I have a bit of a headache…so am being kind of lazy and am going to do this from memory.

    I think the Lamictal might work with GABA and maybe some Glutamate as well. But I’m not sure. It’s so kooky no one knows what the bloody hell is up with Lamictal. I mean, that’s why you have to titrate so slowly. Sure you can get rashy with all Anticonvulsants but it’s the worst. And levels? When it will work? It’s also really tricky.

    Topamax might be more consistent in the GABA department (my second Anticonvulsant.) Regardless, no one really knows for sure.

    I do believe more is known about how the AD(H)D meds work. With the Noradrenaline and Dopamine. At least in terms of mechanism of action. But how that filters down to each of our individual beans? Well, that just depends…and no one has a magic viewfinder, right?

    Stims are a different type of drug. ACs are a little freakier in my opinion as they can do “triple duty” (as they do for me) with my Bipolar, Seizures and Migraines. So…yes…mechanism of action? A little more shady.

    And yes…I’m on a new-ish Canadian version of Concerta–called Biphentin. Same formulation but a couple of “advantages.” On my blog if you want to read about it.


  6. Good to hear from you PA. I need to hop over to your place and read a bit.

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