sweet, sweet revenge…

This is for you, feta hater

Click Here For The True Story of Mr. Canada

We think he is a serious historian, but he moonlights as this…

Watch the full video now.


~ by aikaterine on August 15, 2007.

20 Responses to “sweet, sweet revenge…”

  1. I’m not sure how I lose with a rack as sweet as that… and my ass looks incredible. Thanks, this was very nice of you.

  2. You are very welcome. It was my pleasure, in fact, it continues to be my pleasure. If only I could embed it. This might be the thing that pushes me to self hosting.

  3. …or self-loathing.

  4. puh-leeze. Now you are just being pissy because I thought of this before you did.

    Hold on, let me watch it again…

    Nope, no self loathing. Just pure blissful joy.

    Sweet sweet joy.

  5. Greece: Leave Us Alone, We Were The Shit 3000 Years Ago.

  6. You can’t upset me, because every time you say something about Greece, I just watch the video again and laugh. You can do nothing but make me happy.

  7. ahem… I, uhm, couldn’t help but notice that on your JibJab thing I may be “loose” — I could lose a few pounds I guess — but I didn’t “lose”. How’s that self-loathing thing coming?


  8. Aw, so you caught that…

    No self loathing yet, sorry. Even with my spelling (non)errors.

    God that is funny shit.

  9. Dance for me Chiquita, dance.

  10. Gabriel:
    How could you.. I don’t under.. but, it’s.. How do you hate feta, man? Are you even human? I.. just.. it boggles the mind. Maybe if you’d stop dancing for a moment and put on some proper clothes you’d be able to sample a good cheese.. just sayin’.

    And YOU. Cheddar is not ASS. Hm, unless it’s heated up. Then it’s sort of oily. And I guess becomes some what flavorless. That fake stuff you put on crackers doesn’t really qualify as cheddar.

    Hm. Maybe you’re right. But still.. who doesn’t like a little ass now and then, eh?

  11. I feel like Gabriel and I should now hug and make up.

  12. Not until he stops spelling Cheddar wrong.

  13. We must stay the course and complete the mission, I stand by my chedder.

  14. Wow…erm…totally out of the loop but glad you guys are having fun?

    Fellow Canuck who loves Feta. And loves Canada and Greece. And loves both aikaterine and Gabriel.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  15. Hey, when you wake up come look at my flowers… I was totally going to give you and PatAnon one of your very own, but then thought I’d give them all to everyone. Come get some.

  16. O.K., it is with a bowed head that I humbly request Gabriel’s forgiveness. I have been introduced to real Cheddar in Wales and it is good.

    (waiting for laughter and righteous indignation to stop)

    In my defense the Cheddar I am used to is an orange blob of nothingness. The Cheddar here is a slightly yellow white cheese with much flavor.

    I lo(o)se.

    I will now go and look at your flowers…

  17. Your apology would work a little better if you spelled it cheddEr, but okay. Actually it would probably mean even more if you enhanced my breasts just a little.

    Are my flowers not magnificent?

  18. Your flowers are very, very good. I am having a hard time figuring out how to best display the ones I want. I really do think they would look great mounted on canvas.

    Very nice.

  19. Oh, and it is cheddAr. Get it right.

  20. Why is it always the recently converted who are always the most militant? Chedder lover.

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