this is going to involve some cussin’…

Why? Because I am feeling feisty. My dander has been ‘upped’; my panties ‘wadded’. All thanks to this:

Obama has much lower unfavorability ratings than Clinton, though Democrats say he may have his own problem — that of race. It’s hard to measure the impact of being the first party to put a black at the top of the ticket, Democratic leaders said

Dear inbred back-woods shit for brain democratic leader(s),

Let me answer the question you pencil-necked moron(s). It doesn’t fucking matter how putting ‘a black’ at the top of the ticket will impact the campaign. Why? Because the the color of someone’s skin does not affect one’s ability to fulfill the duties of the Presidency. And, as a party, you should put forth the best candidate. This is obviously a novel concept to you. And it might be hard to wrap your insignificant little head(s) around the term ‘best candidate’. So let me help you out:

“best able to fulfill the duties of the Presidency”

It’s simple, right? I mean, it’s not like I am asking you to perform surgery here – idiot(s).

So what if a few democrats vote republican because they don’t want to vote for a black guy. They can kiss my bronzed beautiful democratic ass. Why? Because they, like you, are pathetic pea-brained white bred good old boy brown nosing imbeciles. And I do not want them (or you) associated with my party. And maybe, just maybe, America needs a slap in the face (as if your stunningly racist remark is not one) to show us just how backwards this country still is. Maybe we need to put a black guy on the ticket and see if all of the people who say they are not racist can put their money where their mouth is.

The fact that you make statements like this just validates racism. I mean, you fucking said the impact would be a ‘problem’. It’s a non-issue regardless of consequence. But still, you fucking related his ‘blackness’ to ‘a problem’. What in the hell is wrong with you? Did you have a bad day, or are you always this dimwitted? Tell me, I want to know.

I keep scrolling up to re-read your asinine statement, just to make sure I got it right. Hoping that I was wrong. But neigh, there it is, glaring in it’s grand stupidity.

You, my dear democratic leader(s), need to get your head(s) out of your ass(es). Or out of each other’s asses. Whichever is the relevant ass(es) in relation to your head(s). Although it appears to me that they may very well be one in the same.



~ by aikaterine on August 13, 2007.

23 Responses to “this is going to involve some cussin’…”

  1. Dear naive idealist,

    “best able to fulfill the duties of the Presidency” is NOT the necessarily the “Best Candidate” criteria for a political party. The “best able to get elected while still adhering somewhat to the party line” is the prime qualification.

    Most vote based on the lesser of evils as opposed to the greatest good. A candidate may well be the gods own gift to America, but if he or she isn’t electable it won’t matter.

    It’s a sad fact of real-politik.

  2. jonolan –

    Welcome. Although I agree with what you are saying, I was providing the definition that SHOULD be the focus. The main problem with our party system is that we are following:

    “best able to get elected while still adhering somewhat to the party line”

    And I think I acknowledged any argument related to that in the paragraph starting with “So what if a few democrats vote republican because they don’t want to vote…”

    Given your statement,

    “It’s a sad fact of real-politik.”

    it seems as though you would agree with me.

    Ideals are not naive. It is naive to think that we do not use them. In point of fact, we all have ideals which we try to live up to. Whether we are trying to be the ideal nihilist, ideal mother, ideal emo kid – whatever. Ideals are the standard by which we judge our own success.

    I am merely requesting that our political parties use better ones.

  3. LOL! I was trying to adhere to the flavor of the original post. Yes, you’re right; it be wonderful if our political parties used better ideals. On the other hand, would the voters respond favorably to that, or just continue to vote as their individually preferred demigogue told them to?

  4. You caught me with my dander up, and I was too lazy to get a glass of calming red wine (nectar of the gods). So, I am missing subtle humor. But I see it now, I think. The banality of that quote is still clouding my judgment. I need a nice strong half naked man to work this tension out of my brain. Maybe there’s a pool boy around here somewhere…

    To answer your question. They would continue to vote as stupidly and annoyingly as they always have, bastards.

    It is sad, but the true idiots are the American public.

    And before people start leaving snippy little comments about what I ‘must be like’ – I am an American. And no, I don’t hate America. And I am not black, I am Greek. Yeah, that’s right, my culture is the foundation upon which American democracy is built. So shut the fuck up (not you jonolan – the people who are wanting to be snippy but have not commented yet).

    But back to the idiot/American voting public connection. We (as collective Americans) have lived up to the ideal of the ‘idiot’ in a stunningly brilliant manner since 9/11. And probably before, but I did not notice it.

    Fear and consumerism, fear and consumerism. Let’s just keep repeating that cycle. It makes it easy to keep telling ourselves that we are the most enlightened non-racist ‘free’ society out there. Because we are too fucking busy working and entertaining ourselves to actually pay attention.

  5. Most vote based on the lesser of evils as opposed to the greatest good.

    And this is the real problem, isn’t it? We all kick back and blame our leaders, but lets remember why they’re leaders: me made them such. There is a fundamental problem in this country when it comes to politics and that problem isn’t in Washington, that problem is in your backyard.

    Lack of education is an epidemic in America, and the media only feeds on and fuels this ignorance. They tell us that Hilary is a women and to look at her cleavage. They tell us that Obama is black, but maybe not “black enough” but if he was “black enough” we’d hear how ghetto he is. It’s a smoke screen to hide the issues behind tabloid-like journalism to sell the most ads.

    I don’t care who is which sex. I don’t care who is which race. What I care about is that America is participating in an illegal occupation in which millions have died and which is costing us trillions of dollars. What I care about is the individual that becomes the figurehead of our country to lead us into the next 4 years with honor. Something we’ve sadly been without for some time now.

    If you actually believe the “sad fact of real-politik” is that people are ignorant then you must understand that the very words you use excuse it. Complacency is what got us where we are now. I don’t care who reads these words and whether or not the “change the world” the point is to talk. Period. Talk, inform, spur discussion, anything to get peoples minds off the garbage they’re being sold on CNN.

  6. “Complacency is what got us where we are now.”

    I agree. On so many different levels, I agree.

  7. Agreed, though I disagree that acknowledging a fact is being complacent about it. I believe that accepting that the current situation exists allows people who actually care a framework for devising a near-term workaround while they’re hopefully trying to figure out and implement a long-term solution.

  8. I rather like Chris Rock’s answer to the question “Is America ready for an African-American president?”:

    “It’s ready for a retarded president, why wouldn’t it be ready for an African American president? ”

    Then again, I see the presidential election as a fascinating side-show. Bill Hicks put it best:

    I’ll show you politics in America right here:

    [mimes guy holding puppets]

    “I believe the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.”

    “Well, I believe the puppet on the left is more to my liking.”

    Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding up both puppets!

    “Go back to bed, America, your government is in control…”

  9. Jonolan –

    I agree with you and I imagine that velinn does as well.

    Experimental Chimp –

    I love and hate it when I cannot argue with you. The puppet analogy is a good one.

  10. Aikaterine, you are educated and intelligent and have a broadminded outlook, but there are people out there who might shun a party for putting up a candidate of a different race. As I do not live in America I do not know what the mood of the electorate there is, but if a party feels it could have a negative impact, perhaps they are right? I understand what you saying, about not validating the racism, but if you ask me, politicians are not bothered about educating the electorate. I am pretty cynical where politicians are concerned and expect little! I guess that comes from living in India where we have worse politicians than America has.

  11. Nita,

    For me the biggest problem with party politics is that the focus has been on whoring candidates out to the mediocre and largely ignorant voters. And this is true for both republican and democratic candidates. Experimental Chimp was spot on with the phrase:

    “Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding up both puppets!”

    I want for the leaders of our government to talk about things in the right way. Words are all we have. If we are going to espouse that we are not or should not be racists, then we cannot tolerate racist comments, regardless of their efficacy in getting a potential party candidate elected. It is not o.k. for parties to use race as a factor, even if a portion of the American population will.

    I want for the politicians to say, “Listen, we understand that you might not want to elect this guy because he is black. But we are not going to pander to your idiotic prejudices – even if it costs us the election. Because putting the candidate who can best fulfill the duties of the President on the ticket is our job. And we are going to keep doing that until you people wake up.” This ‘win at any cost’ mentality has got to go.

    But more so than that, by making comments such as the offending one. By couching racism in utilitarian language, they are belittling and validating a very real problem for our society. That is never o.k., not for any reason.

    I am learning, by reading your articles, that India has some unique problems with their politicians. But I hope that the citizens of India find a voice and the language to challenge those parts of their government that they find untenable.

  12. Where does the average American turn to really become educated about foreign and economic policy? Most of them turn to the media. I hate to keep harping on it, but the media does not have your best interest at heart. They distract from real issues. We call Americans ignorant, but is it really the American people’s fault? To some degree yes – we should all, myself included, be more involved in our country – but on the other hand, who has time or even the will to learn this stuff when they’re living paycheck to paycheck and making sure the rent is payed on time is their first priority?


    Bill Hicks is still totally relevant. I love that guy.

    “You ever notice creationists look really unevolved?

    “Ah bul-leeve gawd created me in one day”
    “Mhmm, looks like he rushed it..”

  13. Velinn –

    You are not harping, I think you are right. The media does not have our best interest at heart. But individuals do need to take responsibility for this. The average person living paycheck to paycheck is doing so because they value material goods too much. They buy into the hype that the media gives them. There is enough information out there to the contrary.

    I think people get pigheaded about their beliefs, and are hesitant to be open to change. This coupled with the rampant materialism in our culture is something that every individual has the power to change.

  14. Some people fight for democracy despite having to fight each and everyday for the basics. Women fought for the basic right to vote not very long ago.

    And now, we have arguments over which “color” or “genital set” will make the best leader.

    If people actually made the effort to appreciate the fact that they CAN have a hand in who they elect, and that they should vote, maybe things would be a little different. All it takes is a trip to on the internet or a few phone calls around to the candidates rep’s to have at least a little information to go on. People spend more time picking out potato chips. I don’t have the time-I make the time to get educated about who I’m voting for. It’s a person’s responsibility to do so. If they don’t-who can they blame?

    Sorry-I really get my back up about the “no time to learn about the candidates” argument, especially in the states where electioneering seems to be a bigger hobby than it is up here.

    People don’t believe they are needed, and are spoken to as idiots. If more people realized that voting is their right, I think you’d see some changes.

    But hey, I vote and learn about my candidates every time we vote up here (which is often as of late) so what do I know. I’d vote for Obama because he seems competent, level headed and intelligent-not because he’s black or not a woman.

  15. Thordora –

    I agree that people can take the responsibility to educate themselves outside of the traditional media. And the more that they would do that, the more that traditional media would wake up and start reporting accurate and unbiased information. I think the media up in your neck of the woods is a bit different. More unbiased, more focused on the important issues in politics, and not how horrible and scary the world is.

    I, like you, have a very real problem with people not taking responsibility for their own knowledge.

  16. Sadly, the same lack of controls that makes non-traditional – i.e. other than mass market – media good also makes non-traditional media a bad source for political research. These non-traditional sources have much more spin and bias than even the big networks. They also are not regulated for accuracy in any way.

    People need to take responsibility for learning, but first we have to find a way to teach them HOW to learn and HOW to research. We teach subjects in our schools, mostly by rote; we do not teach learning.

  17. Jonolan –

    I definitely agree with the point that our schools do not teach learning. I think that non-traditional media can be a resource for valid, unbiased information. But for all of the reasons you listed it can also be a resource for the opposite.

    And, as you said, the only real way to ensure that people can tell the difference between the two is to teach them how to research.

  18. thordora:

    I mean no disrespect, but before you get high and mighty about voting do me a favor and watch this talk by Greg Palast. There are four 8-9 minute parts to the whole talk. I think you’ll be surprised. And not happily. Voting has become almost useless. I’m not saying don’t do it, but the next president has already been selected. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s any different. Unless this country experiences some form of revolution, be it one of action or one of thought, we’re going to continue to degenerate as we have been.

    It’s really only a matter of time.

  19. There are those who’re content with the way things are.
    And there are those who suffer, because they yearn for the way things ought to be. Sigh.

    I was surprised knowing this, because I thought that Obama would have a strong base because he is a black. I thought it would help his ratings! Alas, mediocrity is always consistent…

  20. Mahendra-

    “mediocrity is always consistent…”

    So very true.

  21. Velinn-my “high and mighty” ness comes from the fact that the people who tend to do the most whining don’t do ANYTHING to effect change in their countries-not even voting or attempting to run for office or anything.

    THAT is wrong, plain and simple, and laziness to the nth degree. I will never believe that anything is set in stone. The US is a country founded on rabblerousing and revolution, isn’t it?

    So where is the urge to rebel and change the world around you?

    I don’t get it at all. It’s easy to sit back and say “I can’t do anything” than it is to stand up, be educated about the world around you, and stop being paranoid. You want change-create it-cause it. Lord knows what’s been going on the US should be cause for a revolution lately.

    Palast must WANT people to revolt-shouldn’t he? If everything is so wrong, and following the democratic process is useless, shouldn’t you just blow shit up?

    Sorry-I get a little irritated when I hear the same paranoid lines now that I heard from people I knew when I was 16 about how we didn’t really have free will. If nothing will change, why even bother talking about it, or caring?

  22. Our bodies are only form and form doesn’t matter when you are conscious of the greater whole. We are not the thoughts in the head, our ego, the skin that forms a vessel for the spirit — which is who we are — in spirit, one’s form doesn’t matter one iota. It often takes sufferinge before one comes to the realization of that fact. On the path of life challenges and suffering provide a quickened enlightenment; and those who have not yet suffered enough, this awakening is often delayed. Until one knows all are spiritual Beings, their thoughts seek to divide by fearing those who are different — it is the delusion of the unawakened.

  23. “and those who have not yet suffered enough, this awakening is often delayed”

    I am of the mind that we all suffer; so I think the delay is for those who do not realize that others suffer as they do. We like to think that we are different, we are all the same, it is our suffering that unites us.

    But I agree with the tone of what you are saying.

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