new stuffs…

I am going to be adding three new sections today.

One is already started. If you take a gander at my wee little right nav under categories ordered chaos you will see a new one entitled ‘derrida’. For those of you who do not know, I want to develop a Derridean ethical theory for my dissertation. So, I will be using this section to house the writings that I come back to every day while trying to figure out what the hell Derrida is talking about. I imagine that I will post comments, but only to keep up with my own thoughts. Unless I am responding to someone elses. If anyone wants to comment on any of the stuff in there, feel free. It might be good to talk over some of what he has written. In any case, everything that I add in that section will be dated in June of 2007. So it will never show up as a new post.

I have also been reading Sufi poetry for a while and am going to start doing some posts about individual poems I am trying to understand. Imagine the category will be something horribly creative like ‘sufism’.

And I have studied art for a long time. Love oil on canvas. I think I am going to start a pretentious little section where I post pics of paintings and write down why I felt they deserved to be posted. Pretend like I actually know something about art. Following the brilliance of ‘derrida’ and ‘sufism’, this section will be entitled…

wait for it…


I know, I am that damn good.


~ by aikaterine on August 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “new stuffs…”

  1. rumi-nating?

  2. no

    nice try though

  3. Interesting. I took a quick look in there earlier and just glancing quickly I already found interesting stuff in there. I know this is mostly for you, but it’s cool that you put it here so that others might benefit as well.

    On a similar note, I’ve started a bit of a side project myself. Inspired by you and your gang of misfit toys here, I decided to make a secondary blog. I like the idea of keeping records, especially because my memory is almost nonexistent anymore.

  4. “gang of misfit toys”

    I think I may use this to describe my brain. It certainly fits.

    I think you would like Derrida. He is a pain in the ass to read, but it’s worth it. And I do want for people to start discussions in the derrida area.

    I just do not want for people to think I will be disappointed if it does not happen. I never intended for this journal to be primarily about my philosophy studies. But, if anyone is interested – I am game.

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