ruling the blog-sphere one nav bar at a time….

I am on a mission to rule the nav bars of bloggers everywhere. My first victim…

and so it begins, all aikaterine all the time…

Aikaterine strikes again, this time an unsuspecting little monkey was her prey…

so many choices…

Priere a desceller d’une ligne de vie – Derrida


~ by aikaterine on August 5, 2007.

10 Responses to “ruling the blog-sphere one nav bar at a time….”

  1. Oh you do make me laugh…and as per my last comment, I only had to take over your rulership in order to respond…

  2. I left a comment on your sacred sensuality post couple of days ago I think, maybe day before…but it never appeared. it could have gone in your spam comments.

  3. Nita –

    Thank you so much for letting me know. Your comment was a victim of my spam blocker, now that I have released it from askimat’s deadly grasp I can go read it.

  4. Well, my ruling the blogsphere days are over. Every one else has like 10 to 20 spaces I would need to fill and I do not have the attention span for that. Further proof that I would be a horrible imperialist, I just can’t be bothered.

    Stupid ADD.

  5. i only have 5…knock yourself out

  6. yes but you don’t have pictures. without my feet all over your nav bar it’s just not the same. I think I have lost the “will to rule”

  7. Well, I am pleased to have had the opportunity of your ruling at least for such a brief period. Feel free to walk all over me with your shoes at any time.


    Again, like you had once said on my blog…this comment is stupid…delete it. I’m so fucking tired.

    I’ll trade you my ADD brain for yours?

  8. haha, and just as you said:

    no, no deleting for you. This is cute and I like your posts. How is the concerta working? I know you have had all the other stuff going on, but I am wondering if you have noticed a difference.

  9. Does fasting make you do this?! Just kidding. Hope you’re doing fine.

  10. Oh Mahendra, this is but one of a few stunningly crazy things that I have done during this fast. So many stories to tell…

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