singing the praises of skype…

O.K., this will most likely be the only technology post that I do, but I cannot resist. One of my friends is having a crisis and she needed all of the girls to get together and have a chat. Which might not be such a big deal except we live in India, the USA, Greece, France and Germany. And we really wanted to conference call and brainstorm the problem together. So, what did we do? We skyped. The calls were free for all of us. We talked for over an hour with clear sound and no time lapses. I have never professed love for software in the past, but I love skype.

Once a week I get on an all Greek phone conversation, to learn the language. I can call any family member anywhere in the world for free. Well, they all have a broadband connection and they all have skype installed on their computers. But that is not a big deal. The program is free, it is small and it has never slowed down my performance. And I run CAD software for jewelry design, we are talking a major resource hog.

The only problems that I ever have is (1) sometimes if I am on the wireless connection there is a 2 sec. or so lag time, and (2) if I do not have my headset around voice quality can be a little off – but this is not skype’s fault – laptops have crappy built in microphones.

When connecting to people with dial-up it has been hit or miss. There is always a lag, and sometimes it just does not work. But all in all, if you have a broadband connection, do yourself a favor and download the software. The only time you pay is if you need to place a call to a landline or a cell phone. I have never used the pay service, but I hear that it is pretty good.

What the hell, I’ll even post my skype user name on my about section so you guys can test it out on me.

Well, in a couple of hours I get to head to the passport office – which is always fun. And then I get to help my sister move into her new apartment. But I will have the memory of this mornings sweet, sweet phone call to get me through the day.


~ by aikaterine on August 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “singing the praises of skype…”

  1. Great to get together and have a conference call! I have heard of skype and phone cameras and all that stuff. Never really tried it though, am not software friendly.
    Is it a very heavy software?

  2. Not at all. I think it is about 9 megs and it is very easy to install. The web address is

    There should be a button on the top nav that reads ‘download’, click on that. Which should load a new page that will start your download. You just install it, give yourself a username and password. They do ask for your email address to send update information, etc…. But after that you are done. It is very similar to an instant messenger client. It is really very easy. And if you know a lot of people who have broadband why pay for long distance and international calls.

  3. Thanks. I think I might just do this!

  4. de nada

  5. I love Skype.

    I use it to keep in touch with friends all over the world. I just wish Skype for Linux had video support. If I want to do video I have to boot into Windows.

  6. That sucks, I love linux. Unfortunately, I am stuck using windows on the lappy because Fedora (or any other linux distribution for that matter) does not recognize my wireless card and I am too lazy to buy a new one.

    Oh terminal, how I miss you, this windows command prompt is just not the same.

  7. Ahh… wireless… Yes. I haven’t really made an honest attempt to get it working. My XP laptop found the network right away and connected without a complaint once I put the key in. Vista, on the other hand, can’t even see the network. Ubuntu can see the network, but can’t connect. Go figure.

    I’m about to try a Fedora Live CD to explore the differences (as my tutor has been encouraging me to do).

    Once I got over the the irrational terror of the terminal, I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve even compiled MPlayer; It was *much* easier than the hoops I was jumping through trying (not successfully) to get something to build using Visual Studio Express.

  8. katm –

    well if you have a broadcom card, and get the wireless figured out, let me know, because it is the only thing keeping me from moving back to it.

    Fedora is great, it is my preferred distribution for a million different reasons, and installation with the new release is a snap. And, yeah, terminal is a godsend. I forgot how good I had it before I had to switch back to xp. Stupid broadcom.

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