oh yes I did…

I usually try to stay away from websites frequented by 14 year olds. But I have liked the Simpsons since they started oh so many years ago and I could not resist the opportunity to have myself immortalized as a character. So, without further adieu … here I am… all Simpsoned out.

Aw, yeah.


~ by aikaterine on July 30, 2007.

12 Responses to “oh yes I did…”

  1. Cool! So what do you think of your simpsonavtar?

    It’s funny – yours is the third blog I’m visiting that has been simpsonized today! Amazing how these things catch on…:-)

  2. I think she is lovely, I especially like the jewelry! You should do one.

  3. Oh.. god. This is awesome! Pure unadulterated genius.

    Now I’m going to be stuck fiddling with it all day.

  4. It’s fun to fiddle. Fiddling is nice. I still want a monkey.

  5. Wow…it takes forever…I think I’m going to look stupid.

  6. Oh fuck me…it broke.

    I look like me.

    I’m my own cartoon character.


    And you have NO idea how I love primates…

  7. I cannot wait to see yours

  8. I think mine gets the eyes and hair right, but my shoulders are a little wider.


  9. feartheseeds-

    That is awesome. I can think of some vicious story lines.

  10. Yeah, that’s me. Quite plain, really. Which is how I prefer it.

  11. That is great stuff Velinn. Why the hell do I like this so much?

  12. Okay, got it to work…I’m up! Not quite sure but…?

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