through my eyes…

As an adult, I have lived all over the US. Right now I am living back home. There are things about this area that annoy the hell out of me. But I want to focus on the beautiful today. Just to remind myself how blessed I am to live in such a diverse ecosystem. All of these pictures were taken in areas within a 45 minute drive of my home, most of them are less than 20 minutes away.

There is a stunning park near the house, all swampy and filled with alligators. I really cannot get enough of it.
The moss always relaxes me. Until an alligator walks by.

Sleepy Gator is Resting…

More Trees

More ‘Gators

This one is happy, see the smile. Seriously, there are hundreds out here. When I was a kid, a tornado picked up a small one and deposited it in our back yard – alive. I am not joking.

We also have armadillos, lots.

She’s cute.

And spiders, we have these huge awful golden silk spiders (we call them banana spiders)

They are everywhere, they are HUGE, the picture does not do them justice. You think I am joking…

How would you like to look up and see that above your head?

Here’s a better picture

Here’s a view of the marsh.

And all that water comes from…

The Beach

The Beach at Dusk (My favorite time to be there)

Cars are not allowed on some parts of the beach, so it stays nice.

We even have a little art on the beach.

And sometimes it snows. Snowmen need to ride the waves too.

Speaking of waves…

They are not usually this big, a hurricane was in the gulf. Yes, we are crazy for getting out on the water with a hurricane in the gulf.

And we have our own pyramids

And stunning old Spanish churches.

And the sky in Texas is not all that bad.

So, all in all I am rather lucky to live so close too all of this. Except the spiders. Their webs can be like 6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide attached to two trees. I cannot tell you how many times I have run smack into one that covered my whole body. Creepy.


~ by aikaterine on July 29, 2007.

12 Responses to “through my eyes…”

  1. Wow, what absolutely fantastic photographs! Not only are you very talented, the area in which you live is devastatingly beautiful.

  2. I wish that I could take all of the credit. Some of these were taken by friends when we were out together. Some of them are mine, but it is kind of hard to get a bad shot when

    (1) the areas are obscenely gorgeous

    (2) the animals will just walk right up to you. I swear those alligators are not scared of anything. You can, literally walk right up to one. Although I would not recommend it, and

    (3) You know how to use photoshop – cropping is the greatest tool ever

    It’s easy to forget how nice it is when you live so close to it all.

    Thank you for the compliment.

  3. Spiders are the one thing in the world that really scare the poop out of me. If I ran into a web like that I would scream lile a little girl.
    I might even wet myself.

    Great photos.
    ‘Cars are not allowed on some parts of the beach, so it stays nice.’

  4. Stunning photographs! Boy, do you live in an adventurous place!

  5. Mahendra –

    Adventurous is a good word. We definitely have some prehistoric looking things out here. But you guys have monkeys. I am so jealous of the monkeys. I want a monkey.

  6. Wow, that looks almost exactly like Florida. I kept waiting for you to say Tampa, or Ft Lauderdale, or Naples. I don’t think we have so many Amondillas (as my sister calls them), but God, we have those terrible banana spiders, and those creepy brown recluse spiders. I agree with darkentries on the screaming like a girl bit. I’ve embarrassed myself a number of times because of spiders.

    The number one Florida pest has got to be the cockroach, though. The huge flying cockroaches that dive bomb your head when you aren’t paying attention. Ugh.

  7. Oh yes, the flying cockroaches. We have those too, nasty little buggers. South Florida is beautiful, and very similar – you are right.

    Now, I am off to formulate my stunning response to our ‘save the world’ debate over in humanitarianism vs. …. crap, I forgot. But you know what I mean. I need to read that article again. But after that, we are going to solve the world’s problems.

    Oh, and Velinn – I love, love, love that cat (or dog?) in your avatar. It’s small so I can’t tell, but it is cute.

  8. If you invite me over, just promise to protect me from the spiders? I won’t have a problem with the crocs or the armadillos. Actually, the latter I find quite cute. I feel quite bad when the get stuck in the middle of the road…let’s rescue them!

    Like we have them in Canada but you know…I don’t want them to get run over…

    But sorry…wee PA is a bit scared of insects…

  9. You are always invited, but I am afraid I cannot protect anyone from the spiders. They freak me out, in so many ways.

  10. Monkeys are definitely way better than gators and spiders! Not only do we have lots of homo sapien monkeys, but lots of real monkeys too! :-)

  11. Haha, it’s cute isn’t it? I love cats.

    Here is the original:

  12. Oh my God, that has got to be the cutest/saddest/angriest looking cat I have ever seen.

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