musical inclinations…

Music is therapy. My recommendations? Everything, be a sponge, listen to it all. But I guess you want me to be more specific. Here is the current list:

Blonde Redhead ¦ all of their albums. every single glorious one.
Sleater Kinney ¦ if you do not know what the seattle female indie movement is about, listen to them for a bit.
Over the Rhine ¦ music that is organic, real, these people could be your neighbor.
Ray Charles ¦ blues. georgia on my mind, how can you not love it?
Dead Can Dance ¦ we all need a little sexy new age.
Nile ¦ annihilation of the wicked. death metal with middle eastern overtures. brilliant.
Cephalic Carnage ¦ lucid interval, anomalies. melding every imaginable style of music with death metal and grindcore. brilliant #2.
Andrea Bocelli ¦ romanza,amore. he’s italian. he has one of the best voices I have ever heard. did i mention that he was italian?
Loreena McKennitt ¦ in october.

My best music advice. Seduce and make love to someone with the following music on…
Blonde Redhead ¦ elephant woman.misery is a butterflylisten
Blonde Redhead ¦ melody.misery is a butterflylisten
Blonde Redhead ¦ misery is a butterfly.misery is a butterflylisten
Barber ¦ adagio for strings.adagio for stringslisten
Blonde Redhead ¦ mia violentalisten
Over the Rhine ¦ drunkards prayer.drunkards prayerlisten
Satie ¦ lent et douloureux.gymnopedieslisten
Satie ¦ lent et grave.gymnopedieslisten
Dead Can Dance ¦ yulunga.wakelisten


The pleasure of love is in loving. We are happier in the passion we feel than in that which we arouse.
– Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld


~ by aikaterine on July 19, 2007.

17 Responses to “musical inclinations…”

  1. […] See Here. […]

  2. Upload some Nile for me? I am intrigued…

    In my head I am watching a David Lynch film that has a Blonde Redhead soundtrack…
    Its pretty cool.

  3. I can do that. I’ll add some Nile today.

  4. Hallelulljah

    “…maybe there’s a God above, but all I’ve ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who out drew you…”

  5. feartheseeds-

    God that was beautiful, thank you.

    I do wish someone would dress her better though.

  6. that was pretty damn good.
    I still have a secret love for mr buckleys version though. I think her voice is stronger, but he has more passion.
    And she does wear baaad clothes.

  7. Yes, that was a great rendition by k.d. I’m with darkentries, though. I still think Jeff’s trumps all. There’s also the Rufus Wainwright version which is good but bloody hell, after I went to see him live I was ready to off myself. He’s great–very talented–but don’t sing to me Rufus! I could sit and listen to him tickle the ivories forever but don’t sing! I actually started crying I was so depressed and upset…ugh.

  8. I’m still leaning towards k.d., she has a quiet desperate passion that feels stronger, at least to me. You don’t need to go all Liberace on a song to make it passionate.

  9. But my God does she need to fire her stylist. I had a hard time watching the video, with the faded black jean things and the black button down men’s shirt that was a million sizes to big. I am just grateful that I was not subjected to her shoes, which I can only imagine were some sort of Doc Martin, combat boot cross. Or maybe a throwback to the 1994 style ankle boot? Oh, my mind is now playing back every tragic black shoe I have ever owned. I need a glass of wine, quickly.

  10. Good excuse ;)

  11. Excuse? Me? Oh darkentries, my sweet little friend, I need no excuse to partake of the glory which is the vin and cacao. I am hedonistic by nature and regularly partake of life’s pleasures freely, openly and joyously.

    For shame on you for positing your western notions of guilt and abstinence onto my reality – tsk, tsk. Now for punishment, you must partake of a nice glass of pinot noir accompanied by a rich dark chocolate truffle and dream about what it must be like to live in my world.

  12. Little?

    Wrong on both counts.
    It did sound as if you needed the excuse of shoe trauma to indulge in wine therapy…perhaps you do have some repressed guilt and cannot truly let yourself go, to be released into a bacchanalian orgy of chocolately goodness.

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    I however, have so such repression. I am a chocolate whore, and have a metabolism of such a preposterous nature that it matters not how much of the holy bean i devour, I retain my sprightly frame.

    Have you tried neuhaus chocolates?
    What you consider hedonism, is merely a light refreshment to me…a sorbet if you will, cleanse the palate for the true repaste to follow ;)

  13. I will have you know that everyday in Akaterineland is a bacchanalian orgy of chocolaty goodness. Oh yes…yes they are, in ways that would make you weep with joy and longing.

    Do not worry yourself on my account. My people invented orgies…and guilt free living. The philosophy pulses through my veins, permeates my core and is the life force of my being.

    I do envy you your metabolism, bastardo. However, I am impressed at your knowledge of sorbet’s primary function. So, you remain in good favor.

    I have a soft spot for Neuhaus’s manon noir; and their caprice is the only toffee that I enjoy. But La Maison du Chocolat’s champagne and dark chocolate truffles make me melt with pleasure. In fact, now that I think about it, the things I enjoy most in life are (1) my daughter (2) sex (3) La Maison du Chocolat’s champagne and dark chocolate truffles.

  14. mmm. Caprice….
    I haven’t tried (mainly because I’ve never seen them probably) La Maison. I will keep an eye out.

    I’ll agree with your list also, but replacing La Maison with Neuhaus until I have reconnoitered your favourites.
    Oh, and my daughter loses rankings when she is either a) poking me in the eye, b) having a strop or c) jumping on me with little care for where she is placing her elbows…

  15. Ouch, or at least I would imagine there could be many ‘ouches’ if your daughter is not careful with her elbows.

    While you are broadening your chocolate horizons, try these as well (I think you can get them all online):

    Chocolate Covered Ginger (Garrison Confections)

    Dark Chocolate Bars (Donnelly Chocolates) – A side note, if you ever feel like making chocolate, Richard actually has recipes for some of his truffles online.

    Hot Chocolate (Dagoba Organic Chocolate) – They have one with a chili pepper spicing that is amazing, but all of their drinking chocolates are wonderful. So are their single origin chocolates.

    What is a strop?


    I am somewhat averse to chocolate and ginger together, although I like them both seperately. In fact I just don’t like ginger much in any sweet form.

    And I never could get into hot chocolate…I am way too addicted to coffee, my other favourite thing. Coffee and chocolate just go so well together!

  17. Try it, you might be surprised. I do not particularly care for sweetened ginger either, but their chocolate covered ginger is more rich than sweet.

    I am more of an espresso fan myself.

    Oh, I almost forgot why I responded. Thank you for the definition. Interesting phrases you guys use.

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