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~ by aikaterine on July 16, 2007.

13 Responses to “talk to me…”

  1. Your quotes page: Quid me mihi detrahis? – I have forgotten who said this

    Ovid, Metamorphoses.
    Why are you tearing (peeling) me from myself?

    When Marsyas is being flayed alive as punishment for having rivalled Apollo in artistry.

  2. You are awesome, my own little encyclopedia. Thank you.

  3. The ‘Recently’ column in your blog is not showing anything…can you fix it please?

    Also, there’s no equivalent of ‘recent comments’ or anything like that on your blog. One has to go through each and every post to check if there are any new comments. Perhaps such a link may help visitors…just a thought…

  4. Mahendra –

    I know, the recently column has been messing up all day. I hope that it is fixed. And the only thing about this theme I do not like is that it does not have the option to add a recent comments section. It almost makes me want to self-host. But then I would loose the blog surfer, which I love.

    I am looking at switching to another ‘dark’ theme that is more user friendly, but I just don’t know. I agree with you though, the lack of a recent comments is really annoying me.

  5. Well, I think I found a theme that is still something I want to look at while being a bit more user friendly.

  6. I like your new theme much better! Thanks so much…this is cool!

  7. It is starting to grow on me. Thank you for the catalyst.

  8. I listened again to the last tune which you have now killed, so I forget what it was called. I said it must be ok because I didnt notice it after the beginning, but I must correct that now. Its because the beginning was pretty good, and then it descends into kind of, average. So my brain switches off.

    Hey you wanted opinions…I will defend to the death your right to listen to average music.

    Over the Rhine though…I am liking her. She is making me hold my zippo aloft (out of gas cos I aint smoked in 3 years but, whatever) and sway to the beat. Like a cobra on smack.

  9. darkentries –

    I like the lyrics of repeat bomb more than the music. I would agree that the music is average, but the presentation and lyrics are above average – so it steps the whole composition up a notch.

    But Over the Rhine is much much better, this is one of my favorite songs. And I think it is the best love song I have ever heard.

  10. Well now you’re just doing it on purpose.

  11. Surfed over from Nita’s and noticed the Bocelli blurb. I used to have the music video of Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing Con Te Partiro. The song led me to get the Romanza album, which I listen to pretty frequently. I find the song’s melody and orchestration beautiful. Wouldn’t mind hearing it performed live at all.


  12. Mish –

    Thanks for dropping by. Bocelli is amazing; brilliant really. Apart from the cheesy pop love songs, Romanza is my favorite Bocelli cd. Although, it is hard to beat his operatic performances.

    He is playing Don Jose in Carmen, playing in Rome. I would love to see it.

  13. Hello

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