People seem interested in the lessons I have learned in life. Advice. What is essential? For me, it is simple.

learn and love
If an action is not rooted in one of these two things, it is rather pointless. Love everything, all of it. I have spent weeks stuck in a bed, barely able to move. The depression, Christ, indescribable. It’s my life, my experience. It’s bitter and it sucks, we suffer, my heart hearts. My daughter laughs. A lover’s touch. The cat licks my face. I remember. It is, above all, fucking beautiful. Perfect hurts.

Oh yes….I forgot…
Eat dark chocolate and drink red wine – as often as you can.


Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication. – Lord Byron


~ by aikaterine on July 9, 2007.

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