binary opposition in hyperdrive…

I am (or have – whichever makes you more comfortable) bipolar with co-morbid ADD. Expect it to be an undercurrent of things. Thoughts, too many. Why am I doing this…journal? It’s a valid question. Will writing get them out of my head? Will new ones fill the spaces that never existed? Will this just end up being a well intentioned manic endeavor destined to die in a month? A week? We’ll see.

Do I want Hilary Clinton or Obama to win? I can’t ever remember his first name; but with Obama as a last name, who cares? It is a great name O-ba-ma, rolls off the tongue. Hilary should win. She is brilliant, funny, and female. Let’s face it, the President is a figure head. It’s time we had a female.
Each time this identity announces itself, someone or something cries: Look out for the trap, you’re caught. Take off, get free, disengage yourself. – Jacques Derrida


~ by aikaterine on July 9, 2007.

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